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As distributors of some of the most developed oil companies, we have the ability to offer products with a high standard of quality.

Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel is a yellowish liquid, obtained during oil processing. It is used as a fuel for diesel engines. In winter we offer diesel fuel, according to the season, which lasts until minus 30 degrees.


Gasoline is colorless, to slightly yellowish, transparent and easily evaporating liquid with a characteristic smell.

Propane - butane

Propane – butane is obtained from the processing of petroleum. It is a mixture of volatile hydrocarbons, the gases propane C3H8 and butane C4H10. LPG has been used in some countries since the 1940s as an alternative to petrol in internal combustion engines. Its advantage is, that it is non-toxic, does not cause corrosion, does not require tetraethyl lead or other additives and has a high octane number (102-108, depending on local specifications). It burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel and does not emit soot, like the last one.

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Unipetrol OOD is a company, registered in 2008 Mr. with management address. Gorna Oryahovitsa. The company's activity is trade and distribution of petroleum products and lubricants.

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